British Council 70 Years 70 Stories 

British Council - 70 Years in Pakistan

The British Council celebrated it's 70 years in Pakistan in 2018 with a commemorative book '70 Years 70 Stories' comprising of stories of 70 people who have benefited from the British Council's programmes in Pakistan. The collection captures stories from everyday experience to accounts of a historical relationship between the two countries. From teachers to alumni, to the British Council library archives to Pakistani diaspora in the UK, 70 Years, 70 Stories offers an emotional portrait of the 70 years of the British Council working with and for the people of Pakistan. 

The book was launched at the 70th-anniversary celebration event held at Governor House, Sindh, where it was also presented by the British Council Pakistan Director and the British High Commissioner to the Governor Sindh. HRH Queen Elizebeth also wrote a special letter to the British Council Pakisthat was read at the event. At the event, the documentary 'A Journey Worth 70 Years' produced by the British Council and Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy Films was also screened. The film was later on screened in various cities all over the UK in a roadshow. 

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