'The Ladybird Web' Interactive Installation

Ladybird Books Reimagined at The London Design Festival 2015

The project won the 'Best Interactive Installation' Prize for Ladybirds Publications '100 Years of Ladybird' competition

and was exhibited as a part of the London Design Festival 2015.



The Ladybird Web – an interactive game that connects Ladybird book imagery with contemporary and comparative visuals.  Ladybird is an archive of anything and everything. It is an 'old search engine', almost like an 'Analog Google'. Elaborating on this idea, the project creates a web of colourful strings connecting ideas together from the past to the present and the future and pays homage to the informative nature of the books.


The project was created in collaboration with Saachi Mehta and Chandr Chandrvirochana at the London College of Communication, UAL in 2015.


Exhibition curated by Tara Hanrahan, Think/Do Studio


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Project Featured In: 

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Private Show Images © Ana Escobar