Me, Myself and Ai questions the future of 'Self' in relation to technology, spirituality and self-awareness. Taking inspiration from Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis and William James' theory of I Self vs Me Self, the work explores how humans, as a race, will evolve and define the Self, the Other and the Ultimate Other, in connection to technological advancements. Will our human self - the body as flesh and bones - be transformed into something more evolved that will blur the lines between ‘Me Self’ and ‘I Self’? Will we become a collective Self? or the Other? or eventually the Ultimate Other? What will be our true Self Identity with the advancement of technology and Ai? 

Created for the VM Art Gallery Show 'Days of Light and Darkness' - November 2019

Curated by Fiza Khatri and Mallika Rangoonwala 

Digital Illustration on lightboxes

16 x 24 inches
Year 2019

Limited Edition Prints available for sale. Email for inquires

VM Gallery E-Catalogue

Days of Light and Darkness features illustrations by Haris Hidayat Ullah, Omar Gilani, Rohama Malik, and Wajeeha Abbasi.


The artists explore visual manifestations of intangible phenomena to create alternate worlds and realities. In some cases, the character's journey through their own inner worlds, questioning the boundaries of Self or battling their own inner demons.


At other times, they occupy vast physical landscapes shaped by dramatic plays of light and darkness. For some artists, worlds exist without any characters at all - opening up entirely new utopias that are blissfully unaware of the more negative impacts of human activity on our planet.