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Illustrations and cover design for the children's flap book 'Monuments of Pakistan', written by Zahra Rafi and published by Little Learners Library.

The flap picture book is a collection of 14 key monuments of Pakistan. Perfect for introducing children and pre-teens to Pakistani heritage and history. The colourful illustrations are accompanied with facts about each monument. 

Available at Little Learners Library and Libery Books Pakistan

Digital Illustration

10 x 20 inches
Year 2020

Photo Courtesy: Little Learners Library

Illustrations of the monuments, in order of presentation: Badshahi Mosque, Mazar-e-Quaid, Pakistan Monument, Lahore Fort, Khyber Pass, Tomb of Jahagir, Rothas Fort, Noor Mahal, Faisal Mosque, Darawar Fort, Shalimar Gardens, Ziarat Residency, Wazir Khan Mosque and Minar-e-Pakistan. 


Badshahi Mosque-PR-01.png
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Islamabad Monument-PR_Artboard 3 copy 2.
Lahore Fort-PR_Artboard 3 copy 11.png
Khyber Pass-PR-01.png
Jahangir Tomb-PR_Artboard 3 copy 8.png
Rothas Fort-PR_Artboard 3 copy 9.png
Noor Mahal-PR-01.png
Faisal Mosque-PR_Artboard 3 copy 3.png
Darwar Fort-PR_Artboard 3 copy 4.png
Shalimar Gardens-PR_Artboard 3 copy 17.p
Ziarat Residency-PR_Artboard 3 copy 13.p
Wazir Khan Mosque-PR_Artboard 3 copy 7.p
Minar-e-Pakistan-PR_Artboard 3 copy