NASA 'Principia' Mission Food Packaging

Product Design - Heston's Dinner in Space - Channel 4

Craft and experience-based food packaging for the British Astronaut Tim Peake to make his mealtimes more engaging on his 'Principia' mission to the International Space Station in 2016. 

This project came together as a collaboration with Masterchef Heston Blumenthal, NASA, Channel 4 and selected LCC students. 

The work is featured in the documentary 'Heston's Dinner in Space', released March 2016.


The design process started from idea generation on how to make meals more appealing for the astronauts in space, followed by research on Tim Peake's life and his food habits and interests and sessions with Heston Blumenthal on food packaging and experiential design.


The final outcome were the crafted interactive trays, made out of lightweight paper, that could hold the food containers, designed with visuals relating to Tim Peake's memories of childhood, family, and life highlights to revoke memories as he ate the food at the International Space Station.

"What they do have is a cardboard book that you can put the tin, so Tim can open

this book and flames pop up and photos of his kids pop up. That's enough, because

the brain doesn't need all of the bits of the jigsaw to nudge it to the memory."

- Heston Blumenthal

Concept: Clorama Dorvilias, Wajeeha Abbasi, Matthew Lyall

Execution: Lorenzo Davitti, Anabelle Alias, Saachi Mehta, Tianju Duan

Paper and Digital print

10 x 12 inches

Year 2015


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