Women of the World Festival is a global festival that celebrates women and girls and takes a frank look at the obstacles they face across the world. WOW Karachi, the two festival, held at Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi on 14 and 15 December 2019 had an exciting programme of panel discussions, bites, soapbox moments, performances, mentoring sessions, workshops and marketplace activities. The event also had a stellar performance by the legendary Sufi singer Abida Parveen. The themes for 2019 are Resilience, Transformation and Return. Resilience honours the spirit of women to turn adversity into strength. Transformation celebrates their collective efforts to create societies that value all women. Return embraces the wisdom of practices that are closer to nature.


Create the branding for WOW Karachi festival, using the existing logo, to represent the city, it's women and their struggles and achievements. Design the print and digital collateral to promote the first green festival. 


Artwork and design collateral created as a part of the Marketing and Communications team for digital, print and social media promotions. Event branding with digital backdrops, programme design, digital promotional posts and promotional videos created to promote the first green WOW festival in Karachi. The printing was kept to a minimum to reduce carbon footprint, along with encouraging people to bring their own water bottles and tote bags. In addition to the artworks and promotions, the event was also broadcasted live on through twitter, facebook and Instagram. The two-day event was attended by 16000+ people and 1.4 million social media reach and 3.04 million impressions.


Copyrights: British Council - Work produced under the British Council, Pakistan

Project led by Sharmeen Peshimam

Photography and Videos By Black and White Films, Pakistan